PVC is an incredibly durable yet lightweight plastic that is inexpensive to produce, making it an excellent material to use for banner production. Because PVC stands up well to all kinds of weather, PVC banners are suitable for use as both indoor and outdoor signage.

To ensure that you get the very best PVC banner for your budget we only use high end banner-grade PVC which has a thickness of 440gsm. Our team take great care to produce banners with strong hems, and we only use premium brass eyelets.

PVC banners are a very popular low-cost, fuss free, marketing solution for businesses. Typically, PVC banners are used outdoors and come equipped with your choice of solid brass eyelets or sturdy pole pockets for easy hanging. However, the extremely high print quality of our PVC banners means that they are also suitable for in-store use where signage will be viewed up close.

The affordability of PVC banners means that we have seen a growing market in non-business customers who use them as personalised party banners to celebrate birthdays or other special occasions.

PVC Banners

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